Capturing Progress


Normally when I’m working on a project, I don’t take a lot of progress photos. I count it as a win if I remember to take a decent finished product photo within a month or two of binding off. When I do get it together, I clear off some space on my bed (I have a white quilt, which makes for an okay background), hope for good lighting, and snap a few from my phone. Efficient, sure. But are these pictures doing the hours of work justice? Probably not.

I’d like to use this project as an excuse to learn a little more about taking better project photos, especially as I’m attempting to be more pro-active with progress photos. I have a decent camera, but I am far more likely to just pull out my phone. Hopefully some of these sources will help.

This podcast is actually the inspiration for today’s post. Dyer Stephanie Alford from Space Cadet Yarns spoke with 6 Bit Storybook about yarn photography and even created a .pdf guide to provide visual instruction.

From the TED Blog, their art editor Emily Pidgeon offers up some basic tips for taking great photos – even on your cell phone.

Crochet blogger Sarah Zimmerman at Repeat Crafter Me talked about photographing your projects – ‘tricks to taking eye-catching, Pinterest-worthy pictures!’ 

Getting slightly more advanced, but I love food blogger Ali Ebright’s post about her shooting setup.  Her little kitchen photo studio is equipped with low-cost tools found at craft and hardware stores!

And for those looking to really go for it, professional product photographer Konrad Eek offers some in-depth training on textile photography on learning site,

And for fun, a TED talk from Eva Timothy on the history of photography and cameras.

For a few book options, check out:

And don’t forget about simply checking out what others are posting. There are tons of amazing knitting photos on Ravelry and Instagram!


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