Exploration Station

Last year’s WestKnits MKAL was called Exploration Station. It’s a semi-circle or half-pi shawl (another Elizabeth Zimmermann unvention!). However, the sections truly were an exploration of skills.


To date, this is probably the brightest yarn I’ve picked for a project. It’s all from Plucky Knitter.  I’ve belonged to their Classics subscription club for a few years now – skeins of yarn in the weight I want just show up on my doorstep every other month. It’s the best kind of mail! One of the best parts of getting yarn this way is that color choice is completely at the whim of the company. You don’t know what’s going to show up until a week or so before. I might never have picked out these colors myself, especially that hot pink, but I was sure glad to have them when this pattern came around. I used Think Pink, Lollipop Guild (the brighter purple), I Feel Pretty (the darker blue-purple), and Old Lace is the beige accent/edge yarn.

The biggest area of exploration in this pattern was learning how to do the brioche stitch. Luckily, Stephen makes great tutorial videos. I know I watched this one a half dozen times and I’ll definitely come back to it in the future.

The other sections included short row wedges, two-color slipped stitches, garter stitch rows, and the eyelet chevron edging.


And as promised from last time, here is how the cables in Clue 2 are shaping up. If you remember, cables are traditionally knitted in stockinette, surrounded by purl (or reverse stockinette). This cable edging is done in all garter stitch, which creates a much softer twist look. I love how it looks!






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