And This is What We Call Progress

The Thanksgiving break gave me a nice bit of time to put some real work into my Doodler. I conquered the cable in clue 2 and have made some headway with clue 3. I’ve also managed to put my Netflix subscription to good use with Jessica Jones and a good deal of The Great British Baking Show (what do you like to watch while knitting?)

With clue 3, the biggest challenge was the instruction to pick up and knit 300 stitches of i-cord. The actual process of picking up and knitting i-cord isn’t terribly hard. I made a short tutorial video to demonstrate:

The real test is making sure you’ve got all 300 of those stitches on your needles when it’s all said and done. Stitch markers make a world of difference – I like to place mine after every 20 stitches. I still had to fudge a few near the end. It happens.

Right and wrong sides of the shawl
Right and wrong sides of the shawl

Before I started picking up the stitches, I took the time to weave in the ends of color B. It can be a giant pain, especially with that many ends to take care of, so doing it as you go helps with momentum. I know that if I don’t, I’ll put it off and they will mock me. wrongside2

There is no right or wrong way of doing it, however PurlSoho has a great how-to for making the process a bit neater and more efficient.


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