The Bind Off

Sadly, I’m not quite ready to bind off my project. Close. Oh, so close, but a wedge and some to go on clue 3 yet.

Instructions and tutorial for the i-cord bind off - Hands Binding Off
Click through for a tutorial from Craftsy

When you reach the end of most patterns, the directions simply read “bind off.” In these cases, a basic bind off – knit two stitches, pass the right stitch over the left, slip the stitch back to the left needle, then continue down the edge – is perfectly fine. Then there are times when the designer has something specific in mind to fit the finished look:

With The Doodler, we’re continuing the i-cord edging from the sides. It’s not an overly stretchy edge but it looks very polished and makes switching colors for a final touch very easy.

The directions in the pattern are quite similar, only with two knitted stitches before the decrease.

Kitchener Stitch Tutorial - Stitch in Swatches
Click through for another Craftsy tutorial!

Another technique to have in your arsenal for this pattern is the kitchener stitch. We’ll use this to graft together the six remaining stitches left after the bind off. I use kitchener most for finishing off the toes of socks, but it can be handy for any grafting situation.


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